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Case Study - Nouveau Monde Magazine 

Website & App

Problem Description

Benjamin Franklin needed to be rebranded to extend it's reach and reflect authority in the online news industry. BF was an online news magazine created and ran by FUSAM (France USA Media). FUSAM News Agency is the  number 1 French News provider in Southern California. With correspondants in every major US City, their teams keep the French community updated on important topics such as international and American politics. Partners with ColCoa, the official French Film Festival in Los Angeles, they cover the entire festival, events and movie premieres.

Defining the Challenge

Benjamin Franklin, created

10 years ago, needed a complete rebranding, a new creative direction, marketing strategy,

and a new UX design. 



I was brought on this project as creative director, branding and marketing specialist, and UX/UI designer.



Comparative Analysis

Comparing 4 major online news competitors, I conducted a heuristic evaluation.

NMM compariative analysis.jpg
Creating Personas

Using the data from FUSAM contact 

database, I conducted a quick market/user study. The data was used to create 3 different personas,  representing the average user.

NMM Personas.jpg

User Flow

In order to design a new optimized flow, I created scenarios and applied them to the different personas.

This step helped understand where there could be some pain points and how to eliminate or reduce them.

NMM flow chart.jpg

Site Map

NMM site map.jpg

Prototyping / sketches

After the research steps, I started working on prototyping. Drawing many sketches, in order to explore various layout possibilities, and exposing the structure of the website through connected elements/pages.

Slide Prototypes Desktop et Mobile NMM.j


Using sketch, I created wireframes, focusing on space allocation, prioritization of content, functionalities available, and intended behaviors.


Final Steps

- Tested low-fi mockups with client and 2 users

- Used feedback to proceed to modifications to the design 

-Prepared high-fi files and notes

- Developed the Website (Front-end Development)

- Prepared documentation and notes for the NMM App

development team


Desktop  /  Mobile App

Website Desktop 
Nouveau Monde Magazine mobile - App pas
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 4.45.40 PM.png
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