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Film / TV /  Digital Advertising

This Is The Bash

Documentary - Mosi Film Group


VIP Live Talk Show

Talk Show hosted by Tressa Smiley

Pilot Episodes Director, D.P., Editor

Sex & The City Launch
@French Tuesdays

Event organized by the French Tuesdays

Director, Editor

Lullaby (cover) Music Video

Music Video

Director, Producer, Editor


Narrative - Short Film, Fantasy Drama

Writer, Director, Producer

Benjamin Troubles

Dark Comedy Feature - Vision 3D, LLC

Production Coordinator

French Consulate Media

Interviews & events coverage

Interviewer, Director, Editor


Doritos Ad for the SuperBowl

Associate Producer

Compagnie des Arches Show

Narrative videos created as part of set for shows

Director, D.P.,  Editor

Peace & Love etc...

Narrative - Short Film, Dark Comedy / produced at USC

Writer, Director, Editor

Care For Color Screenshot.png
Care for Color

TV Show (Pilot) - Africa Channel

Associate Producer

TrackIt AWS Online Ad

Digital Advertising - Tech Industry

Producer / Art Director

El Shadai @Comicon

Launch of El Shadai game

by Ignition Entertainment

Director, Editor

Candelabra Tours Serie

Docu-Serie on Parisian History & Stories

Writer, Director, Editor

Brewster's Angle

Narrative - Short Film, Experimental/Sci-Fi Drama

Writer, Director, Producer

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