Film / Video / Digital Ads

This Is The Bash

Documentary - Mosi Film Group


VIP Live Talk Show

Talk Show hosted by Tressa Smiley

Pilot Episodes Director, D.P., Editor

Sex & The City Launch
@French Tuesdays

Event organized by the French Tuesdays

Director, Editor

Lullaby (cover) Music Video

Music Video

Director, Producer, Editor


Narrative - Short Film, Fantasy Drama

Writer, Director, Producer

Benjamin Troubles

Dark Comedy Feature - Vision 3D, LLC

Production Coordinator

Yea or Nay, with Chiney Ogwumike

Talk Show Serie -  Mosi Film Group

Director's Assistant - Second Camera

French Consulate Media

Interviews & events coverage

Interviewer, Director, Editor

Curses and Cures

Socio-Cultural Documentary

Producer's Assistant


Doritos Ad for the SuperBowl

Director's Assistant

El Shadai @Comicon

Launch of El Shadai game

by Ignition Entertainment

Director, Editor

Compagnie des Arches Show

Narrative videos created as part of set for shows

Director, D.P.,  Editor

Candelabra Tours Serie

Docu-Serie on Parisian History & Stories

Writer, Director, Editor

Peace & Love etc...

Narrative - Short Film, Dark Comedy / produced at USC

Writer, Director, Editor

Brewster's Angle

Narrative - Short Film, Experimental/Sci-Fi Drama

Writer, Director, Producer