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Connected Communication

French International relations
and promotion of French talents
in Southern California

One of the main objectives was to foster a unique community culture in the Southern Californian French Community. While working at the French Consulate in Los Angeles,

I implemented the Digital Strategy Plan and developed web marketing technics that increased the impact of the communication for French talents in Southern California. 

Social media marketing technics included the usual Facebook, Twitter and YouTube platforms, but what was key in making a difference was to keep a constant and open dialogue with the online community, by organizing weekly games and group conversations, where many topics were covered, from French History, Veterans, French Artists, Musicians, Directors, Researchers and Entrepreneurs, to important information on voting polls and Diplomatic visits. The engagement numbers quickly showed improvement and increased by 400%. Emailing campaigns strategies helped support the global digital marketing plan, and showed a quick increase in website traffic as well as newsletter subscriptions.

The promotion and communication for French talents in Southern Californian was mainly done using digital media platforms, which enabled us to reach Americans as well as other nationalities living in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Another component of success of these campaigns was the organization and co-organization of events and meetings with the local news and Press in order to get maximum coverage. 

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