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Case Study - Hoang

E-commerce website 

Problem Description

Dr Hoang had expanded her practice into writing books and wanted to start a holistic e-commerce store. Her current website didn't meet her new objectives nor the needs of the category of users targeted.

Defining the Challenge

The website needed a deep reorganization of content,

a work on the redefinition of the purpose, and a minimalistic design, which would better serve the user and create conversion. 


Who are the users?

The main part of users are families, parents of children, infants ; as well as adults suffering from years lasting complex pain - like trauma injury.



I was brought on this project

as user experience designer,

information architect, user interface designer and 

art director.



Comparative Analysis

I conducted a heuristic evaluation, and used the results to compare the main competitors in the field of holistic pediatrics in the same city.

Hoang Competitive Analysis.jpg

User Survey

I prepared a general question survey and interviewed 9 people (using SurveyMonkey).

The potential target consumers were asked 13 questions, on their family's health choices/habits, along with very precise questions regarding the quality of their user experience on the current website.

03 Survey - phone interviews - Market re
Creating Personas

Using the information gathered with the survey results, I created 3 different personas that represented the "typical" user and helped guide my UX decisions. 

04 Persona creation - Web Hoang.jpg

User Flow / Scenarios

I imagined different scenarios for the 3 personas, and observed what steps needed to be taken to reach the goal. The information provided by these user flows /journey maps helped determine what needed to be done to improve the general experience.

Research elements UX - Web Hoang - 3.jpg

Site Map / IA

The information architecture of the website has been deeply modified. The content has been 

divided in a several important sections, noticeably were created the e-commerce/store pages (for the books and for the holistic products), now representing an entire section of the website.

Research elements UX - Web Hoang - 4.jpg

Prototyping / sketches

After the research steps, I started working on prototyping. Drawing many sketches, in order to explore various layout possibilities, and exposing the structure of the website through connected elements/pages.

Slide Prototypes Desktop et Mobile Hoang


Using sketch, I created wireframes, focusing on space allocation, prioritization of content, functionalities available, and intended behaviors.

Hoang Sketch Wireframes.jpg


Desktop UX/UI Design
Mobile UX/UI Design Mockups
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