Case Study - Hoang

E-commerce website 

Problem Description

Dr Hoang has expanded her practice into writing books and wants to start a holistic e-commerce store. Her current website, created several years ago, didn't meet the needs of the category of users targeted.

Defining the Challenge

The website needed a serious restructuration of content, a work on the redefinition of the purpose, and a minimalistic design, which would serve better the user and create conversion. 


Who are the users?

The main part of users are families, parents of children, infants, and also adults suffering from years lasting complex pain - like trauma injury.



I was brought on this project as user experience designer, information architect, user interface designer and art director.



Comparative Analysis

I conducted a heuristic evaluation, and used the results to compare the main competitors in the field of holistic pediatrics in the same city.

User Survey

I prepared a general question survey and interviewed 9 people (using SurveyMonkey).

The potential target consumers were asked 13 questions, on their family's health choices/habits, along with very precise questions regarding the quality of their user experience on the current website.

Creating Personas

Using the information gathered with the survey results, I created 3 different personas that represented the "typical" user and helped guide my UX decisions. 

User Flow / Scenarios

I imagined different scenarios for the 3 personas, and observed what steps needed to be taken to reach the goal. The information provided by these user flows /journey maps helped determine what needed to be done to improve the general experience.

Site Map / IA

The information architecture of the website was completely modified. The content has been 

divided in a several important sections, noticeably were created the e-commerce/store pages (for the books and for the holistic products), now representing an entire section of the website.

Prototyping / sketches

After the research steps, I started working on prototyping. Drawing many sketches, in order to explore various layout possibilities, and exposing the structure of the website through connected elements/pages.


Using sketch, I created wireframes, focusing on space allocation, prioritization of content, functionalities available, and intended behaviors.


Desktop UX/UI Design
Mobile UX/UI Design Mockups