Case Study - Carol Indigo  

E-commerce App

Problem Description

Carol Indigo, interior designer, wanted to access new markets through the creation of an online brand, a website, and the use of  

e-commerce solutions.

Defining the Challenge

Carol Indigo needed a complete solution, from the creation of an attractive brand solution to the UX design of an e-commerce app, developed for desktop and mobile.

The typical users:

- Busy professionals

- Home owners

- Newly married couples

- Families.



I was brought on this project as user experience designer, user interface designer, and art director.



Comparative Analysis

The first step was to research and evaluate the competition. I compared competitors websites for usability and main features, and conducted a heuristic evaluation.

User Survey

A survey was created, the questions targeted potential needs and goals. I also conducted phone interviews with five of the survey participants to learn more about their habits when it comes to buying interior decoration and furniture.

Creating Personas

Based on customer goals and behaviors, four different personas were created to help guide design decisions

User Journeys / Stories

Using the personas profiles, I imagined different goals to understand what the whole experience would be for them. This gave powerful insights on what could be helpful or frustrating in the app design.

Site Map


I sketched multiple design options based on data collected during the research process.


Based on the sketches developed, I prepared low-quality wireframes and conducted prototype usability tests with several users.

Last Steps

- Modifications, based on testing results, were made to the UX and UI design.

- The last step was to prepare high-fi files and notes.

Final Results

Identity and Digital Branding
Desktop App - UX/UI
Mobile App UX/UI