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For me, distilling brands to its most essential form is the starting point of building a great identity. Taking the time to understand the business objectives and what the new identity/branding/logo/website needs to achieve is essential. This research material can range from broad, high-level objectives through to a specific type of content, or specific functionality that your users will need. 

The mission is to define the "purpose" of your brand, and to convey it into a wider and straightforward vocabulary: the visual. This is what will make your message understood immediately, and universally.

Main Projects/References: Nouveau Monde Magazine, Carol Indigo Design, 

LFILA Language School, Tressa Smiley TV Show, Theatre des Arches,

Madison France Advertising Agency, Mumm Champagnes,

Perrier Jouet Champagnes, Sodexo, FI System Internet Company,

JD Human Ressources, Bellecour DelaChapelle Automobiles, Toyota   

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Digital Strategy is now one of the main components of any successful Company's 

Communication Campaign. A few words on the process steps :

Studying what you/your brand does. Why you do it. And how you do it.

Analyzing the market, understanding who is the target of the product or service.

Auditing how your brand communicates, what platforms and media are used, and measuring the results.

Developing a plan on how to increase the market/audience by using an appropriate communication strategy.

Implementing the communication strategy plan / supervising its execution.

Improving and adapting the initial communication plan.

Main Projects/References : Language School LFILA, French Consulate in LA,

VIP LIVE TV Show, WIFI Out of Africa Film Series, Madison France Agency,

JD Human Resources, Candelabra Tours Entertainment

We want to initiate a dialogue with your next followers, your potential clients, your future market. When the first connection is successful, the viewer comes back, and ends up becoming a loyal consumer.

it is crucial to make sure that all functionality needs are met, and that the user will have an easy and comfortable experience. This is where my love and experience in narration and storytelling plays a huge role. We are bringing the users on a journey in your brands world, we want them to enjoy the time spent on your web app, mobile app, or digital product.

The experience should be unforgettable for the viewer. While including elements from your Identity, brand, and graphic chart, it is the moment where the product must stand out, be recognizable and desirable. We want to use attractive visuals and cutting-edge interactive solutions.

Main Projects/References: Carol Indigo Interior Design, Mumm Champagnes, Nouveau Monde Magazine, Sodexo, Nonna Emma, Tressa Smiley Talk Show, LFILA Language School, Perrier Jouet Champagnes, Carambar Candies, Madison France Agency, 

Coca-Cola, Hollywood Chewing Gums, Avis, Fauchon, Candelabra Tours, Fas & Usu, Usgeres, AGF, CNC Cinematogaphy Center 


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Video Communication
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About Shirley

Bi-cultural, she was born in sunny California, her family moved back to France when she was 9 years old. Realizing at an early age her growing passion for words, narration, arts, and people, creating and reading naturally became her obsessions. She later studied arts and 

communication at the Fine Arts of Versailles and the Maryse Eloy School in Paris; and graduated with a Masters Degree in Communications - Art Direction - Advertising - Design.

Linking a highly creative drive with an entrepreneurial spirit, she started her early career as a Digital Art Director in Parisian Web Start-ups and Agencies, and has been based in Los Angeles since 2009.


When Shirley is not working, she likes to discover new hiking spots around Los Angeles, painting, sailing, meditating, and attending live music events.

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